Reporting and Progress

The School Progress Reports were created at the request of the Education. The reports are designed to tell parents about a lot of different things in our schools. Test scores, an explanation of testing measurements, how our students and parents feel about our schools and safety-audit results are all included in these reports. As educators and parents, we have a common goal of preparing our children to compete in an ever-growing global community. This goal requires constant dialogue between school and parents. Parents are a child’s best advocate.

The school has a ‘test week’ each term and end of term examinations called ‘trials.’ The results of these appear on each boy’s report which is available to his parents. The report also features a detailed look at each student's co-curricular interests and achievements. Full reports are provided each term. At the termly PTM’s parents receive a detailed progress on their students individual subject choices and also his wider emotional and physical development. Housemasters write end of term letters and the school’s intranet is updated several times a week with news and updates of a group and individual nature to all parents. There is also an academic system of warning boys about under performance as well as achievement and effort prizes given through the year and culminating at the school’s annual Prize Giving.

Tutors meet the boys several times a week in their very small tutor group, where academic progress and individual and group advice, study skills, mentoring and support are given. Parents also are able to email their son’s individual subject teacher as well as their son’s tutor and Housemaster for advice and support. There is a clear communication structure laid out in the termly calendar which shows who parents should contact about what aspect of their son’s life.