At a time when parents strive hard to inculcate the habit of reading in their children, the culture of reading at New Era is something we are proud of. One often finds children sitting at various places immersed in the books they are reading.

There are two libraries in New Era, a bright and colourful one stacked with reading and play material for the Primary School and one with both engaging and erudite titles for the Middle and Secondary School and Senior Secondary School. Both the libraries have a comprehensive stock of CD ROMs, cassettes and CDs.

With the inclusion of interactive smart boards in all the classes Education in Wisdom Global School has acquired a new dimension.

The Library has been refurbished and re-stocked in recent years and the school is committed to ongoing investment in print books and digital technology such as Kindles and other e-book sources and resources. There is ample space for research and reading on the ground floor, and plenty of access to IT facilities on the second floor. WiFi connection enables the boys to access their laptops within the building. The library has been designed to provide the boys with a quiet and purposeful atmosphere for study and intellectually creative thought.

Boys are able to use the library throughout the term and there are regular book fairs and meetings of the Library Council attended by boys and masters to discuss the development of our library resources, such as book requests, Kindles, newspapers and periodical publications, and reference material. There are also departmental libraries to support the work and resources of the Library. The library is also home to the Founders’ Room and the Archives, with a full-time archivist.Provide an environment which encourages relaxation and private reading. Regularly changing displays and celebration of national book awards, presenting and highlighting new novels, literary works and latest developments, as well as personal recommendations, encourage pupils to read a varied range of material.