Sports & Arts

Outdoor Games

Outdoor activities makes summer fun for kids activities! There are great outdoor games for children whether you have a small garden or need a group game. Find outside games like Red Rove, Kick the can, Hit the door and Mother May – easy to learn and free.

Indoor Games

Instructions to all your favorite indoor games. Interested in how to play indoor games like Checkers, Jacks, Musical Chairs, and more? You need look no further to find all the rules to these great indoor games.

Music & Dance

In today's socio- economic scenario, dance and music are not mere performing arts for entertainment only, it ensures career opportunities also. Developed economy and life style have changed the musical taste and aesthetic sensibility of the masses. To meet the demand for professionally trained artists based on market economy Institute offers U.G.C. recognized degree and diploma under the music faculty.

Yoga & Aerobics

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Arts & Crafts

We do a range of creative activities including cooking, sewing, painting and modelling.

The world around us is changing and new avenues are opening up everyday, bringing those professions and careers in limelight which were ignored in the past by the mainstream. Fine Arts is one such stream that is in demand because of the changing life style and aesthetic values