Welcome to Wisdom Global School

Dear Parents,
Man has natural desire to know about things round him beyond him, within him, without him, before him, after him, what belongs to him, what does not belong to him almost everything in this world and beyond. This desire gives birth to the urge for learning. We at Wisdom Global School, Janipur, Phulwari Sharif, Patna ,encourage this desire in the students. We encourage their to ask questions that intrigue them and try to satisfy 'heir curiosity.

This interaction not only educates the children but also creates a very homely environment inside their class. but the students should wear their learning like a watch, in a private pocket,and do not pull out and strike it merely to show that they have it. they should understand that learning is the art of knowing how the use commonsense to advantage.
The child is the centre point of all we do. We are partners in the common mission of shaping up the personality and future of the students.This prospectus plays a vital role in this direction. This is a communication link between the school and thye home.So kindly spend a few minutes to refer to the same everyday.
Looking forward to your must valuable co-operation in all future endeavours.

Our Features

Trained, experienced and dedicated staff.

Equal strees on proficiency in English, Urdu, Hindi encouragement to the study of Arabic, Dini Tallem

Hobbies and co- curricular Activities for all - round development of child, i.e Painting Sports and Athletrics, computer course.

Close relation between Parents and Teachers.

Our Aim

Wisdom Global School aims to build up the character and personality of the student by steadly developing in a homely environment, his/her potentialities in all aspects of life social, intellectual, physical emotional as well as spiritual.

To develop competences of effectives participation in day-to-day situations.

To develop basic mental abilities & skills.